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What does this website provide?

First of all, this website is not for people who are looking for hot tips! All we provide here are facts derived from the SEC filings. We categorize the information for investors and filter out 'noises' by showing only open market transactions. It is up to the investors to further investigate the fundamentals and the transactions. An insider buy/sell may come from different reasons other than company performance: retirement plan reinvesting, portfolio diversification, etc.. Generally investors need to search for multiple insider transactions in fairly large amount of shares, instead of simply following a CEO buy.

Here are what you can find in this website:

1. Insider buy/sell information real-time, as it is filed to SEC. We provide the fastest service on the web: insider trades will be categorized on InsiderCow within 30 seconds on average. Since the new SEC law requires corporate insiders to file Form 4 within 2 days of the transaction, tracing those information becomes more valuable.

2. Institutional trading reported real-time with SEC, such as hedge fund or mutual fund buys.

3. Company specific financial information links to popular financial websites, like, and

4. List of companies with multiple insider buy transactions. The criteria vary by different experts. Generally, we search for companies having insider buys within seven days from three different persons, each with a transaction of more than $1000 and 100 shares.

5. Analytical tools like insider trading activity charts, email alerts, data screener, etc..