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This page shows new institutional holders sorted by file time. The filing must be made between selected time period the holder crosses the 5% threshold.
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Latest Buys Filed Start Date: End Date: (Total 25 Records Filed Date Range: 06/17/2019 - 06/17/2019.)
Buy/Sell* Filed Date Subject Symbol Acquirer Pct Owned Raw Form
B 2019-06-17 17:01:47.0 RedHill Biopharma Ltd n/a Ibex Investors LLC 5.1% view
B 2019-06-17 16:56:21.0 HOVNANIAN ENTERPRISES INC HOV Beachwold Partners 1.73% view
B 2019-06-17 16:47:10.0 WESTERN ASSET HIGH INCOME OPPORTUNITY FUND INC HIO Saba Capital Management 11.95% view
B 2019-06-17 16:43:23.0 SOTHEBYS BID Third Point LLC 14.3% view
B 2019-06-17 16:41:28.0 Invesco Dynamic Credit Opportunities Fund VTA Saba Capital Management 9.69% view
B 2019-06-17 16:40:14.0 Invesco High Income Trust II VLT Saba Capital Management 14.48% view
B 2019-06-17 16:38:15.0 Invesco Senior Income Trust VVR Saba Capital Management 12.12% view
S 2019-06-17 16:37:40.0 AERIE PHARMACEUTICALS INC AERI Flynn James E 6.39% view
B 2019-06-17 16:30:55.0 trivago N n/a PAR INVESTMENT PARTNERS LP 41.3% view
B 2019-06-17 16:27:42.0 ReWalk Robotics Ltd RWLK ARMISTICE CAPITAL 4.99% view
S 2019-06-17 16:15:43.0 American Assets Trust AAT American Assets Trust 9.7% view
B 2019-06-17 16:15:29.0 Optex Systems Holdings Inc OPXS Fields Ephraim G 14.1% view
B 2019-06-17 16:10:27.0 Biglari Holdings Inc BH BIGLARI CAPITAL CORP 60.7% view
B 2019-06-17 16:05:21.0 Protagonist Therapeutics PTGX Venrock Healthcare Capital Partners II 6.4% view
B 2019-06-17 16:05:02.0 Shell Midstream Partners SHLX Shell Pipeline Co LP 46.9% view
S 2019-06-17 16:03:01.0 FTD Companies FTD Nantahala Capital Management 0.0% view
B 2019-06-17 15:38:38.0 Edesa Biotech SBOT Lumira Capital Investment Management Inc 24.7% view
S 2019-06-17 15:01:55.0 AerCap Holdings N AER Waha Capital PJSC 7.97% view
B 2019-06-17 14:29:03.0 PERCEPTRON INC PRCP Harbert Discovery Fund 10.0% view
S 2019-06-17 11:46:47.0 trivago N n/a Vinnemeier Peter n/a view
B 2019-06-17 11:26:05.0 Cyclerion Therapeutics CYCN Camber Capital Management LP 5.7% view
S 2019-06-17 11:20:51.0 Sientra SIEN Abingworth LLP 4.9% view
B 2019-06-17 10:46:54.0 Ampio Pharmaceuticals AMPE SABBY MANAGEMENT 6.19% view
S 2019-06-17 08:33:40.0 Summit Materials SUM SOUTHEASTERN ASSET MANAGEMENT INC 11.4% view
B 2019-06-17 06:07:59.0 Great Ajax Corp AJX Bay Pond Partners 8.49% view
"n/a" means we cannot parse the field from the raw form. Given the variety of filings, this may happen occasionally.
* Institutions do not report transaction buy/sell types directly. To help members better understand the transactions, this column is filled by InsiderCow's best-effort interpretations.